Can A 74 Yr Old Outsmart Doctors and Save
on a Facelift?

88 Year Old Yoga Teacher Shares Her Secret<br /> Behind Limitless Energy!!!

Janice Lewis is the perfect example of what retirement really looks like in this day and age. She became eligible for retirement and social security at the age of 65 but realized that she couldn't lead the lifestyle she was used to on such a low income. Faced with the decision of retiring or remaining a professional hairstylist, she picked the latter.

She knew that remaining in this line of work meant she had to focus on the way she looked and ensure she remained as youthful looking as possible. Nowadays clients are more likely to flock to younger "edgier" looking stylists than to the older stylist's chair. Determined to remain successful in the industry, she began to do research on surgery-free ways to give her aging skin a boost of youth.

After spending countless amounts of hours researching this topic, she reached a point where she just wanted to give up. Almost everywhere she looked, people were telling her that facelifts and injections were her only hope. It wasn't until one day when she found herself in her dentist's waiting room watching a celebrity doctor's television program that she realized there was still hope.

The doctor revealed that the secret to the reversal of wrinkles and sagging skin consisted of a scientific cocktail of youth preserving ingredients that had undergone years of clinical and government testing that dermatologists don't want the public to know about.


88 Year Old Yoga Teacher Shares Her Secret<br /> Behind Limitless Energy!!!

Meeting Janice was shocking to say the least. She was nothing like what he expected. Her skin was smooth, her hair was cut into a youthful style, yet she hadn't died her gray hairs. The room smelled of jasmine and clean linens and open windows.

“It’s almost embarrassing, how simple it is,” she said in low tones. “It’s just one easy secret.” She waved her hand in a formless gesture. She looked almost embarrassed.

Well. She looked almost embarrassed, and she looked around 40-45 years old. That was why I had come.

“Of course,” I said. “I’ve heard that.”

“What have you heard?”

“That you're 74 and look 45,” I said, wondering how much to reveal, how carefully to avoid offending.

She smiled. “anything else?”

“Well,” I said. “They say — that is, some of them say —”

“Who says?” she asked.

“Ah. The dermatologists. They hate me, you know.”

“I know,” I said. “They say it’s a scam, some of them….. some of them say facelifts and injections are the only answer."

“It is difficult for them to understand,” she said. “That a 74 year old grandmother could learn a single trick that makes her look almost 30 years younger.”

“Yes, about that,” I said.

“It’s not really a trick,” she said. “It’s a a combination of age defying ingredients working together to preserve my youth.”

“Can you tell us the secret?”

“The secret,” she said, leaning forward, “Is throwing away all the harsh and perfumed scented creams being hawked at you on commercials and magazine and researching your own. I saw that famous celebrity doctor explain how Vitamin C, DMAE, and Retinol could work together to reverse the signs of aging. I found one product did that did it all and more, It's called LifeCell All-in-One Anti-Aging Treatment

Using LifeCell religiously, Janice has results that nearly resembled a facelift. She says that after only a few days of using both products together she started seeing noticeable results.

After just two weeks of using LifeCell, the proof was staring her right in the face: this was giving her real results.

Her friends, husband, family and clients were all shocked. They were convinced she'd been secretly getting filler injections, because her skin looked years younger almost overnight!

How Does It Work?

Through her research, Janice discovered that the real secret to cell revival and skin rejuvenation is all about the way your products work together. Mixing different products counteract each other and stop working, or even worse…they can speed up the aging process because it exhausts your skin from trying to keep up with all the stuff being put on it.

After learning about the key ingredients for anti-aging, she found LifeCell, the only product she found that contained all of these ingredients, and even more for added youthful skin. The powerful wrinkle fighters and antioxidants in LifeCell help combat and reverse time's effect on your skin because it helps produce collagen and promote elasticity.

Now You Can Get Janice's Results!

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